Megan Carver

Based in Norwich, I am a First Class Design for Publishing graduate from Norwich University of the Arts. ︎
   I specialise in editorial design, however have a particular focus on information design and data visualisation, as well as design for educational purposes. 
   During my time at NUA, I represented my year group as a Steering Commitee Member for the Students Union, and was the Design for Publishing Student Rep for 2 Years. Completing my studies, I was awarded the Deans Award for Studentship.
   I also worked as a member of the editorial team for student run magazine Storehouse, on Issue 20.

Please feel free to contact me about potential work! I would love to hear about your ideas. ︎
+44 7712146485

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Type Terminology

An A1 sized informative poster on 10 traditional type terms. Poster includes designed poster tube and pocket-sized variant. The package is designed in the style of a traditional blueprint.
   The type terminology brief was set to design for at least 10 type terms and their meanings. I chose a blueprint style to visualise how knowledge of the terms can be used to construct good type in design. This package was created for the context of the classroom.
︎ Educational  - Information Design - Poster Design - Booklet                                                                                               (2018)