Megan Carver

Based in Norwich, I am a First Class Design for Publishing graduate from Norwich University of the Arts. ︎
   I specialise in editorial design, however have a particular focus on information design and data visualisation, as well as design for educational purposes. 
   During my time at NUA, I represented my year group as a Steering Commitee Member for the Students Union, and was the Design for Publishing Student Rep for 2 Years. Completing my studies, I was awarded the Deans Award for Studentship.
   I also worked as a member of the editorial team for student run magazine Storehouse, on Issue 20.

Please feel free to contact me about potential work! I would love to hear about your ideas. ︎
+44 7712146485

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Frankenstein Exhibition of Reanimation

This project imagines Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as an exhibition in memory of Victor Frankenstein’s theoretical contribution to science. This exhibition would be displayed at the Science Museum.
   The exhibition follows a 3 step narrative through the creation of Frankenstein’s monster. It includes 3 A1 promotional posters, social media and animated posts, site map, tickets, and exhibition mockups.

︎Exhibition - Identity - Publication - Curation                                                                                               (2019)