Megan Carver

Based in Norwich, I am a First Class Design for Publishing graduate from Norwich University of the Arts. ︎
   I specialise in editorial design, however have a particular focus on information design and data visualisation, as well as design for educational purposes. 
   During my time at NUA, I represented my year group as a Steering Commitee Member for the Students Union, and was the Design for Publishing Student Rep for 2 Years. Completing my studies, I was awarded the Deans Award for Studentship.
   I also worked as a member of the editorial team for student run magazine Storehouse, on Issue 20.

Please feel free to contact me about potential work! I would love to hear about your ideas. ︎
+44 7712146485

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Guardian Arts Special Self-Initiated Project

An conceptual editorial rebrand for 'The Guardian' as a special edition focusing on the Arts & Culture industry.
   Using the existing layout and features, this rebrand refreshes the existing style by simplifying images/infographics and utilising grids for content.

︎Editorial - Identity - Publication - Curation                                          (2021)

Conceptual Album Art: Shifting Dream

A Post-Grad brief set to create a 7 song soundtrack to support my time at University. 
   3 Design’s were created in 3 different styles, all using Photographs taken during the 3 years. The featured soundtrack consists of music from artists such as Grimes, Courtney Barnett and FIDLAR.
︎Graphic Design - Packaging Design - Album Art                                                                                                                       (2021)

Educational Revision Guides 

3 book cover designs part of an education revision guide series in a workshop with David Pearson.
   My design for the series was made to be as extendable as possible, formatted as a template for each book in the series. The grid-like structure has easily interchangable features for each topic, as displayed in the small collection of Science based topics designed here.

︎Book Cover Design - Publication - Series Design                                                                                   (2020)

Geografix - Tectonics

A KS3 stage educational pack by conceptual brand ‘Geografix’, including a textbook, poster, demonstration models and augmented reality feature.
   The aim of the project was to re-imagine textbook revision in a more contemporary way, finding more aesthetically pleasing ways of using colour and illustration to educate on a topic. 
︎  Editorial - Package - Information Design - Data                                                                                                                    (2020)

Fine Art Publication

Design proposal for the 2020 Fine Art Degree Show Publication at Norwich University of the Arts.
   What this design relates to the Fine Art course is the creativity of its students to adapt and develop their own work and style despite being provided the same tools - e.g. available workshops, lectures etc. In the example of this design, the same tools provided would be the numbers ‘2’ and ‘0’ and what can be shown as adapting the numbers would be the variety of ways they are used throughout the publication.

︎Editorial - Publication - Print                                                                                                                          (2020)